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The Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert, or CCIE Service Provider, is a technical certification offered by Cisco SystemsThe CCIE Service Provider certifies the skills required of network engineers to plan, operate and troubleshoot complex, converged network infrastructures on a wide variety of Cisco equipment.

The CCIE Service Provider is described by Cisco as the most prestigious networking certification in the industry. The CCIE Service Provider certifies a very specific set of skills in the field of networking. According to Cisco, less than 3% of Cisco Certified engineers obtain CCIE Service Provider certification and less than 1% of the networking professionals worldwide passing all the requirements of the program earns the individual a unique CCIE Service Provider number assigned by Cisco.

CCIE Service Provider began in 1993, originally with a two day lab, later changing to a one day format. The CCIE Service Provider consists of a written exam and a “lab” exam (in each track). As of October 6, 2010, there were 25,810 people with active CCIE Service Provider certifications It was voted the most technically advanced IT certification by CertMag, and is generally reported as the highest salaried certification in IT salary surveys. It is possible to hold multiple CCIE certifications. As of September 9, 2008, 1,729 individuals held multiple CCIE Service Provider certifications. Of those, 274 hold three or more CCIE Service Provider certifications

CCIE Service Provider Tracks and Levels of Certifications

The program is currently divided into different areas of expertise or “tracks”: Routing & Switching, Network Security, Service Provide and Voice. The CCIE Service Provider track in which one becomes certified determines the different aspects of networking technology that individual is recognized as being an expert in. One may also choose to pursue multiple CCIE Service Provider tracks to be recognized as an expert in multiple different categories of Cisco technology.

CCIE Service Provider Requirements

No matter what CCIE Service Provider track one chooses to pursue, there are two general requirements that must be met: The written exam and the lab exam

Written Exam

The first requirement to achieve CCIE Service Provider certification is to pass a written examination specific for the CCIE track the candidate is pursuing. The CCIE Service Provider written examination is a two-hour qualification exam consisting of 90-110 questions, and can be taken at any Cisco-authorized Pearson VUE testing center. Questions may be a combination of multiple choice and more complex, interactive items that assess technical knowledge. The results of the written exam are pass/fail and are available immediately. The passing score is set by statistical analysis and is subject to change. The scoring is reported on a scale of 300-1000 points, and the current cost of the exam is $350 per attempt. Passing the CCIE written exam is a pre-requisite to sit the CCIE Service Provider lab exam

CCIE Service Provider Lab

The second and far more difficult requirement needed to achieve CCIE Service Provider certification is to pass a grueling hands on lab examination administered by Cisco. The specific format of the lab is currently not the same across all tracks, but in general the entire time of the lab exam is 8 hours. The CCIE Service Provider lab requires a candidate to configure and troubleshoot a series of complex networks to given specifications in this limited amount of time. Point values are given for each task, and a candidate must achieve a given number of points (About 80%) to pass the lab exam. The current cost of the exam is $1500 per attempt not including travel and lodging expenses. The CCIE Service Provider lab exam is graded by trained proctors who ensure the entire criterion are met and points are awarded accordingly. Typically results of the lab exam are available within 48 hours.

The CCIE lab has traditionally only been available to take at a handful of Cisco lab locations worldwide including Bangalore, Beijing, Brussels, Dubai, Hong Kong, Raleigh, San Jose, São Paulo, Sydney and Tokyo. Not all tracks are available at all locations. Recently, there have been efforts made by Cisco to expand the availability of the lab in some tracks by introducing both a mobile lab which moves periodically to different cities around the world.

CCIE Service Provider Certified Trainer

An expert level mentoring is essential for CCIE Service Provider . For this, one has to train by a CCIE Service Provider Certified. Only a CCIE Service Provider Certified trainer can give the proper training and step by step guidance for a CCIE Service Provider candidate.

Complete Lab Solutions

Without Complete Lab solutions nobody can pass the CCIE Service Provider Lab. One has to learn the implementation, configuration and troubleshoot Local and wide area network. Only Latest devices with hands on practice can give you that confidence.

Complete Course Material

The complete course material should give the proper knowledge to crack CCIE exam. CCIE Workbooks having detailed Labs solutions can be utilize by a candidate. Step by step solutions with proper guidance makes easy to understand all the difficult Lab scenario.

Practice Session

Apart from the classes hours, CCIE Service Provider preparation needs regular practice. More practice sessions is the only way to polish your skills better. CCIE Service Provider Lab needs hard practice and 24/7 Lab access which means anytime you can do your CCIE Service Provider practice for the best result in your Lab Exam. After successfully completion of your CCIE Service Provider training a 15 days boot camp will help you to revise your training and crack the CCIE Service Provider Lab Exam very easily. After this, you can enjoy the improvement and progress of your chance to pass CCIE Lab.

CCIE Service Provider Numbering and Recertification

Upon successful completion of the lab exam, a new CCIE Service Provider is awarded a CCIE Service Provider number. The first CCIE Service Provider number allocated (in 1993) was 1,024 and increased thereafter. As of August 2011, the highest CCIE Service Provider number allocated was just over 30,000. The first number was allocated to the first CCIE lab location, rather than to an individual, and was featured as a plaque at the entrance to the lab. Number 1025 was awarded to Stuart Biggs, who created the first written exam and first lab exam. The first person to pass both CCIE Service Provider written and lab exams was Terry Slattery, who was consulting at Cisco when the lab was devised. Slattery was the first CCIE Service Provider who was not an employee of Cisco. Each CCIE Service Provider retains their number regardless of how many certifications he or she receives. Every two years a CCIE Service Provider has to take a written test to retain the certification. If this is not done, the certification is suspended. After one further year without passing, the certification is revoked. The certification can then only be regained by starting from scratch. Recertification can occur up to 2 years before the expiration date. After certification/recertification, a CCIE Service Provider must wait 6 months before re-certifying.

CCIE Service Provider Career

Cisco gives CCIE Service Provider Certification with a Guarantee of best career in IT industry. After Completion of the CCIE Service Provider Certification, Cisco gives 100% job guarantee to every CCIE Service Provider Certified. A fresher can easily get a minimum package of 6lakhs after passing CCIE Service Provider exam. More one achieves the certifications more the package increases.

JOB PROFILE as a CCIE Service Provider :-

  • Senior R&S Engineer
  • Senior Network Engineer
  • Senior Voice Engineer
  • Senior Security officer
  • Network Operations
  • Senior Customer Support Engineer
  • Unified Communications Enginee
Lab Exam Written Exam
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