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2.7 BGP

2.7.a Describe, implement and troubleshoot peer relationships

  • 2.7.a (i) Peer-group, template
  • 2.7.a (ii) Active, passive
  • 2.7.a (iii) States, timers
  • 2.7.a (iv) Dynamic neighbours

2.7.b Implement and troubleshoot IBGP and EBGP

  • 2.7.b (i) EBGP, IBGP
  • 2.7.b (ii) 4 bytes AS number
  • 2.7.b (iii) Private AS

2.7.c Explain attributes and best-path selection
2.7.d Implement, optimize and troubleshoot routing policies

  • 2.7.d (i) Attribute manipulation
  • 2.7.d (ii) Conditional advertisement
  • 2.7.d (iii) Outbound route filtering
  • 2.7.d (iv) Communities, extended communities
  • 2.7.d (v) Multi-homing

2.7.e Implement and troubleshoot scalability

  • 2.7.e (i) Route-reflector, cluster
  • 2.7.e (ii) Confederations
  • 2.7.e (iii) Aggregation, AS set

2.7.f Implement and troubleshoot multi-protocol BGP

  • 2.7.f (i) IPv4, IPv6, VPN address-family

2.7.g Implement and troubleshoot AS path manipulations

  • 2.7.g (i) Local AS, allow AS in, remove private AS
  • 2.7.g (ii) Prepend
  • 2.7.g (iii) Regexp

2.7.h Implement and Troubleshoot Other Features

  • 2.7.h (i) Multipath
  • 2.7.h (ii) BGP synchronization
  • 2.7.h (iii) Soft reconfiguration, route refresh


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